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  • The podiatrist can take care of numerous patient needs and here are some common areas of this modality: As part of general podiatric care, podiatrists as health professionals and registered practitioners are involved with, nail and minor soft tissue surgical procedures and qualified to administer local anaesthetics. The speciality of the podiatrist includes dealing with the conditions […]

  • Assessments are usually performed on clients who are experiencing pain and discomfort on their heels or arches. Achille’s foot disorder, muscle aches, limb pains, knee pain, shin splints, flat feet, and bunions are just some of the conditions that require this kind of assessment and computerised analysis. Some of the therapies used when a full […]

  • Customised orthotics are devices made specifically for you, your feet, your activities, your footwear and your lifestyle. These devices require a plaster cast to be taken of your feet for it to get an accurate impression of your foot. From here, your podiatrist can specifically tailor a prescription for your biomechanics and the position in […]

  • When an ingrown toenail is not taken cared of using such conservative methods, a more invasive but simple nail surgery procedure can be performed. A mild local anaesthetic is applied which will numb the patient from the pain. Depending on the situation, both sides of the nail root may be removed; a secondary measure is […]

  • It is a common procedure among podiatrists to provide their patients and clients education about footwear and orthotics (insoles) that realign the foot and body for better functionality and lessen ‘wear and tear.’ Another important assessment performed by podiatrists on children is a check on their in-toed and out-toed walking styles. This is to project […]

  • Foot Care and Wound Healing People with diabetes need specialised foot care for their wounds to properly heal. When wounds are not taken cared of well, the injuries will not heal quickly and infection may occur. A podiatrist is a specialist that can educate you and prepare you to manage your foot ailments. Here are […]