A child’s foot is a complicated structure of growing bones, ligaments, tendons, and muscles. Up until maturity, children’s foot will grow and expand.

A podiatrist will normally perform a thorough assessment of your child’s foot posture and manner of walking. The assessment will also include a check on the muscle lengths when feet are stationary and in motion. The standard for podiatrists in doing foot assessments involves the ‘Foot Posture Index’ which aims to determine if an intervention is required.

Podiatry for Children

It is a common procedure among podiatrists to provide their patients and clients education about footwear and orthotics (insoles) that realign the foot and body for better functionality and lessen ‘wear and tear.’

Another important assessment performed by podiatrists on children is a check on their in-toed and out-toed walking styles. This is to project if your child has the tendency to have gait problems. Note that almost all kids who toe-in or -out as toddlers will learn how to run, jump, and play games as they grow up, just the same as children with no problems on their gaits.

It is advisable that a child be checked by a podiatrist if events such as frequent tripping, an observable awkward walking style, and unique looking knees or feet are becoming evident. Our podiatrists are experts in assessing the feet and lower limbs of both children and adults. We will provide the necessary treatments customised to the patient’s condition and age. Feel free to make contact with us or just drop by our centre.