Dietetics is the modality that pertains to the knowledge and management of diet and how it affects overall health, with special consideration with the scientific application of nutrition. Your dietary intake and eating habits offer one of the most influential means of determining how you feel and perform on a daily basis. By following some basic dietary principles, not only can you feel and function better, but you can also significantly increase your ability to fight and resist disease.

There is so much noise and confusing information out there from people lacking true nutrition training. Diets come and go. Some are good and some are downright terrible.


Our physiotherapists with expertise on dietetics will perform (but not limited to) the following:

  • Take a full medical and dietary history to allow full understanding of individual situations and specific needs.
  • Create individualised meal plans and goal setting.
  • Help patients on an ongoing basis to self-monitor and problem-solve, which will eventually promote independence.
  • Work within a framework of evidence-based practice (using the best research-proven assessments and treatments in client care).

Whether it is a weight loss plan you are seeking or managing/preventing a medical condition, we will help you sustain a sensible diet appropriate for your age, working lifestyle, and physiological conditions.