You probably already know that a sports injury can not only affect your performance, but also your lifestyle.

Sport may result in injuries, many of which can be prevented. Whether you are an elite athlete or a “Sunday walker” sports injuries can be a common and frustrating problem. The good news is that most sports injuries can be effectively treated by your physiotherapist. Proper sports injuries management, rehabilitation, and advice can be sought from the expertise of physiotherapists you will be enabled to return to your sporting activity as soon as possible following an injury.

Also, sports injuries can often be caused from overuse and over training, such as runner’s knee or tennis elbow where the player pushes their body to the limit. Sports injuries can also occur due to under training or poor training practices. Not stretching and having a good warm up can also lead to many injuries as the body is not prepared for the exercise.

Treatment goals include:

  • shutterstock_213880645-WEBRelieving your pain quicker via joint mobility techniques, massage and electrotherapy
  • Improving your scar tissue using techniques to guide the direction it forms
  • Getting you back to sport or work quicker through faster healing rates
  • Loosening or strengthening of your injured region with individually prescribed exercises
  • Improving your performance when you do return to sport – we’ll detect and help you to correct any biomechanical faults that may be affecting your technique or predisposing you to injury


Physiotherapists are highly qualified and trained in the assessment and treatment of sports injuries. Sports physiotherapy treatment techniques employed include the use of various electrotherapeutic agents such as interferential, ultrasound, laser, ice and heat. Other injury rehab techniques commonly used include joint mobilisation and manipulation techniques to increase the length and strength of muscles and prescription of exercises to enhance balance and co-ordination.

One of the important aspects of physiotherapy management is helping you to learn self-care. This may be in the form of exercises, strapping/ bracing, learning how to modify your activity to reduce overstressing your injured part and learning self-treatment strategies.

Your physiotherapist will guide you safely back to the level of sport at which you wish to participate.  If you need guidance, simply ask us.