Ingrown ToenailIngrown toenails are very painful, and sometimes debilitating. The podiatrists at Penrith Physiotherapy & Allied Health Centre can deal with ingrown toenails.

With such, you need not worry anymore; the excruciating pain caused by your ingrown toenail will trouble you no more.

There are two kinds of ingrown toenails and these are:

  • Nails that curve or turn-in on the side of the nail bed – this causes pressure and a corn to develop down the side of the nail. This type of ingrown toenail is very painful but is easy to manage using conventional measures. At times, genetics play a part in the shape of the nail.
  • Nails that penetrate through the skin – this can often lead to bacterial infection. In addition, it may also lead to swelling, redness, weeping, and development of pus. This type of ingrown toenail needs to be treated immediately to lessen pain and prevent infection.

Some clients simply need a non-surgical clearing of the nail, while others may need minor toenail surgery. Toenail surgery is the removal of the offending side or sides of the toenail. Once the surgery is done, a chemical is applied to it to prevent the ingrown from coming back.

The surgery is performed in our clinic with local anaesthetic under sterile conditions. We would advise you not to drive home and that you should have a rest for a few days from school or work, so as to allow the toenail as well as the skin underneath to recuperate. It may take 2 to 6 weeks for the affected nail to heal completely – and the length of healing depends on the individual’s immune response. We would also counsel you to wear non-occlusive shoes or open toe shoes because your toenail would be wrapped with a large bandage.

If you need further information regarding ingrown toenails or about the procedure for the treatment, kindly drop by to our centre and our staff will be willing to help and provide the info you need.