Ankle InjuriesThe ankle is a complex joint and is very much affected by the way you walk and by the posture of your foot. If you are experiencing pain in your ankle,  it is best to have your feet and lower limbs assessed by a competent podiatrist or physiotherapist.

The attending podiatrist or physiotherapist will examine the following pre-conditions to ascertain the biomechanical make-up that is contributing to your knee or ankle pain:

  • Position of the hip and knee
  • Alignment of the pelvis
  • Stability of the ankle and pressure on the feet

All previous injuries and accidents are also considered in order to thoroughly determine the performance of these complex joints.

Our podiatrists and physios at Penrith Physiotherapy & Allied Health Centre are experts in the field of ankle injury and pain management. Through correcting the balancing of the foot and the alignment of the lower limb, we will be able to correct and lessen ankle pain and reduce dysfunction.

The Penrith Physiotherapy & Allied Health Centre team has many enduring years of experience to correctly assess and diagnose your foot and lower limb ailment. For more complex conditions, we have case discussions with the patients wherein we collaborate and coordinate to procure the best management option for our clients.

We have state-of-the-art 3D foot imaging laser scanner and computerised pressure plate system which we utilise to assess conditions and make the right orthotics when needed. Our appointments and orthotics can be requested on the spot using your health insurance with no referral necessary. We can directly refer for x-ray, ultrasound, and/or MRI if required.